A new year’s resolution in the sun

If you are looking forward to the Festivities but realizing that you’ve probably spent more on Christmas presents than you intended to, a new year’s resolution could well be the solution in helping you save money.

By buying a property abroad you are not only saving money year after year on your holidays but also making an investment for the future and your retirement.
Buying a property abroad can be a daunting experience and as stressful as it gets but with our expert advice and guidance we will support you throughout the whole process right up to receiving the keys and beyond. Firstly, it is important to know where you want to look, the internet can provide you with excellent resources as well as past holidays you may have taken in Italy being the key to finding your dream location. Knowledge is definitely power in Italy and a well-researched location ensures that the property of your dreams is only one step away. You can view thousands of properties for sale through the internet or contact estate agents themselves and ask them to send you more details of the types of properties you are looking for, don’t limit yourself to just one estate agent, broaden your search and get a general feel for the area and the prices of properties.
When you do make contact with agents, be as specific as possible and explicit about your budget, if you want to live in the town, ensure you only view properties in the town, don’t be railroaded into viewing property in the middle of nowhere, nor should you feel pressurized into making an agreement or signing any document at all – remember it is you who is the client. Ask for photos of the property before viewing, including the interior, a perfectly presentable house on the outside may well need a complete renovation on the inside. Another tip is to request the location of the property so that you can see whether it is located close to town or in a more isolated location, whether there are neighbours or perhaps less desirable features on the landscape distracting you from fully enjoying your home.
The next step is to plan a trip solely for the purpose of viewing properties, this can be incredibly time consuming and so if you’ve done the groundwork and lined up the properties you want to view the trip should be informative and successful. It’s always a good idea to view properties outside the holiday season and even better if you view them in the winter months, you are more likely to see any issues present themselves during the damp, wetter months and also from an emotional perspective, if you like a property in the winter you will more than likely love it in the summer!
At the point that you have found your property or even several properties, it is time to contact legal experts who can then step in on your behalf, a lawyer can speak with the estate agent and begin to take care of the negotiations, such a trusted professional will negotiate the payment of the deposit and will draw in the support of other experts in order to begin the preliminary checks. Your solicitor would work only on your behalf, at your request and represent you fully and legally. Such peace of mind would be invaluable when back home, ensuring the smooth operation of the purchase even if you can’t be there in person. This support continues every step of the purchasing process, documents translated from Italian into English, regular and clear updates on your purchase, final dates organized for the purchase and in the event that you cannot be present yourself, you can award your lawyer power of attorney enabling them to sign and complete the property purchase on your behalf.
If you treat your property purchase in the same way as you would at home, you will be prepared for all eventualities. So take the plunge and make it your New Year’s Resolution to buy a home in Italy, you won’t regret it and it will bring you years of pleasure in the immediate future and a long term home for your retirement.