The benefits of independent legal support

“With English speaking legal support your property purchase will be better supported and eliminate the possibility of complications arising.”

The English continue their love affair with Italy according to a recent article in the Times newspaper. Favourite regions remain the well–loved Tuscany, Liguria and Puglia, proving to be favourite property search areas. Tuscany has always held appeal for the British and Americans thanks to the romantic rolling countryside and the chance of ‘la dolce vita’, coupled with the images many films project celebrating its beauty.
The top demands continue to be detached restoration projects enabling buyers a value for money property and the chance to put their own stamp on the development. Specifically in Puglia these searches have been for Masserias (stone built farmhouses) or trulli (cone shaped stone buildings) which can still be found for under €250.000.
Price certainly plays a part in property searches and bargains can still be found in Italy. Whilst it is everyone’s dream to own a property abroad without spending too much, it is equally essential to ensure the property you are purchasing is free of problems.
With English speaking legal support your property purchase will be better supported and eliminate the possibility of complications arising. Good legal support from a lawyer will ensure the due diligence is carried out, making sure that the property you are wishing to buy is legal, free from burdens, debts, mortgages or other charges.
Such legal support can also provide the professional support of a surveyor who can survey, evaluate and provide a written report about the structure of your property at your request. Projects can also be planned with the support of an architect who will draw up plans according to your specifications in accordance with the law and possibilities under these limitations.
Above and beyond the usual legal work, an English speaking solicitor supports you in a foreign country, helping you to obtain your fiscal identification number (codice fiscale) which is required for all real estate transactions in Italy. This fiscal number is also essential in helping to enable you to buy a car, a mobile phone or getting your property connected to services e.g. telephone, water, gas, electricity.
An English speaking solicitor can help you open a bank account at the bank of your choice, enabling the smooth transfer of funds essential for the property purchase. In Italy within the house buying process, the notary public is neutral, supporting neither the buyer nor the seller, they must, by law remain impartial.
The assistance of independent legal support becomes beneficial during the Deed of Sale (Atto di Vendita) carried out in front of a public notary, where they can interpret and provide the translated version of the Deed as required under Italian law. In fact if you cannot be present for the signing of the Deed of Sale, your lawyer can, if you wish, draft a Power of Attorney and be present in front of the notary public and sign the Deed on your behalf.
So you can see that the support and benefits of employing an independent legal professional far outweigh the downfalls, you might save a little money without one but you gain so much more peace of mind with a solicitor who speaks your own language.