Searching for Wills in Italy There are three main forms of Will in Italy: A Formal Will (Testamento Pubblico), drawn up by a Public Notary on the testator’s instructions. Witnessed and deposited with Public Notary until testator’s death. A Holographic Will (Testamento Olografo), hand written, dated and signed by the testator. No witnesses required. May […]

What is a power of attorney You may be familiar with the phrase, “power of attorney,” but you may not know its purpose or when to use it. This article covers the basics of a power of attorney and how it could be helpful if you are thinking of purchasing a property, if you already […]

Make 2019 the year you buy in Italy 2018 has been an interesting year for the property market. Italian property remains well priced and buyers will get a lot for their euro. With 2018 coming to a close it’s the time of year that we reflect on the past year and the year ahead of […]

The buyers guide to purchasing a property in Italy Once you have decided to retire to Italy and have found a property you want to buy, you should carefully consider the legal implications. There are many ways to purchase a property, through an estate agent, directly from the owner or a third party, knowledge is […]

The benefits of independent legal support “With English speaking legal support your property purchase will be better supported and eliminate the possibility of complications arising.” The English continue their love affair with Italy according to a recent article in the Times newspaper. Favourite regions remain the well–loved Tuscany, Liguria and Puglia, proving to be favourite […]

An autumnal place in the sun The Summer is officially over and the children are back to school once again. Autumn seems to roll around too soon and memories of summer, like our tans fade away. Why not prolong your holiday a little further by investing in a holiday home in Italy. If you have […]

Buying your Summer holiday home As the Summer holidays are fast approaching and children are looking forward to the long summer holidays, your thoughts may well turn to owning a holiday home. Italy provides the best combinations of sunshine, good food and great beaches, plenty of activities for adults and children alike. Once again we […]

Emphyteusis A recent topic of discussion is that of ‘Emphyteusis’ a regime which has its roots in the feudal system and is connected with the agricultural economy… … Farmers were offered the possibility to cultivate the land and sustain themselves. The ownerships were divided into three categories: – Dominium Directum – the right of the […]

Unclaimed inheritance With many heir hunting programmes popular on television, there are many reasons to be more aware of your rights as heirs and to inheritance which may be lying unclaimed. This ‘unclaimed inheritance’ consists of a separate asset waiting for an owner. After acceptance, this inheritance becomes part of the assets of the heir […]

A brief guide to property inheritance In the absence of a Will, who inherits my Italian property? If there is no Will, after death the following laws and principles will apply in Italy: • If the deceased was unmarried and without children, his/her parents and brothers and sisters will inherit the estate. • If the […]