From Italy with love Film locations in Bella Italia Italy is synonymous with love and romance and of course let’s not forget films. This Valentine’s day may not be for everyone but one cannot deny that there have been some spectacular films made in Italy over the years which showcase the beauty, diversity and our […]

Where to invest in Italy With the pound remaining strong against the euro, now is as good a time as any to purchase your retirement home in Italy. The strength of sterling allows you to perhaps stretch your original budget where you previously couldn’t a few months ago. With the new year well under way […]

A new year’s resolution in the sun If you are looking forward to the Festivities but realizing that you’ve probably spent more on Christmas presents than you intended to, a new year’s resolution could well be the solution in helping you save money. By buying a property abroad you are not only saving money year […]

Italian ancestry and inheritance Over recent years, tracing your family tree has become popular both through television programmes and our own personal curiosity of the past… … Who wouldn’t like to find they secretly own a villa in Tuscany or an apartment in Venice? These stories do exist and with more and more access to […]

Investing in an off-plan property in Italy Investing in an off-plan property is ideal if you want to follow the whole property development process from start to finish… … it enables you to realize your dream home and add those personal design touches along the way. When a purchaser makes a commitment to buy a […]

Out with the IMU in with Service Tax In recent years the housing tax situation in Italy has been a little confusing to say the least. Now with the introduction of the new “Service Tax” the hope is this one tax will cover all taxes payable to the local authorities. The generic term “Service Tax” […]

Getting on the road in Italy Driving in Italy is not for the faint-hearted but likewise it is a ‘must’ for many expats who retire to the countryside of Italy. Whilst living in the city may not lend itself to the purchasing of a car, living in the sticks in Italy it becomes essential. As […]

Buying your Italian property Whether you are looking to buy a little place for your summer holidays or make a permanent move to Italy the property buying process can be complicated and a little daunting. There are three key stages to the Italian property buying process: Proposta irrevocabile d’acquisto (Reservation offer) Contratto preliminare di vendita (Preliminary […]

Italian Inheritance Tax Inheritance matters and Italian Inheritance Tax are issues which need to be given serious consideration when moving to Italy and becoming a resident. These tax rates may be vastly different from your country of origin and should be a point of reference for the future when planning your Italian Will and Inheritance.  […]

Legal issues to consider when moving abroad There may be many new and strange things to learn when you first move abroad but perhaps the most underestimated of those are the Laws of the country you will now call home. Before you even move you will be subjected to foreign laws. The moving process takes […]

Succession law and marital status The Italian Law of Succession is applied differently according to the different circumstances of marriage, communion of assets or cohabitation. Couples married under the communion of assets: at the death of one of the spouses, the surviving spouse inherits the undivided half of all assets included in the union of […]

Spring in Italy Spring in Italy is unfolding with celebrations, festivals and optimism which comes with the season of growth and new beginnings As we slowly recover from the Easter festivities and over-indulgence of Easter eggs.  Spring is unfolding in Italy with celebrations, festivals and optimism which comes with the season of growth and new […]

The Italian inheritance process Talking about inheritance is not an easy task due to the very nature and complication of the Italian Law. Succession refers to all legal aspects of the deceased including the assets and liabilities of the deceased person.  It is therefore necessary to discuss what does succession mean?  And what obligations are […]

A valid Will in Italy Foreigners and Wills in Italy It is recommended that foreigners who are resident in Italy create an Italian Will.  Heirs of a Will that is not Italian (such as an English or American Will) may have significant difficulty with the transfer of any Italian assets.  This is due to the fact that […]

Carnevale in Italy Carnival Italian style is a celebration to be experienced at least once in your life. The costumes, drama, laughter and jokes all make for a rather jolly time; a time when Italians laugh at themselves, and at each other. The most famous Carnevale di Venezia (carnival of Venice) follows the traditional of […]